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Our Dreamy Magical Bedroom

It's official, Bella and Chloe have upgraded from their toddler cribs to their very own twin size beds! From the very beginning, we started to research about keeping our girls together in one room or to give them their own rooms! And after asking a few child psychologists and reading books about twins, my husband and I agreed that being a twin is phenomenal blessing and opted to keep the girls together until they become teenagers or when they ask for their own space!

For their new bedroom we kept the same color from their nursery and had the girls give their input on what they wanted! Bella envisioned a castle with a repunzel balcony (balcony not possible ever!) and Chloe wanted lots of animals with everything inside the room pink! Okay lets be serious - wanting something and reality are two different things -especially when you are a six year old! Therefore managed to combine their ideas in one room!

Their tufted twin beds are adorned with gold crowns with a pink tulle flowing down and personalized their pillows with their names! The girls are very girlie and we managed to find a small space in their room for their vanity and adorned their gold mirror nightstand with their individual pictures and a gold bronze lamp with an oversized giraffe leaning on the side!

For their armor area we placed some baby items from their first little shoes, to their ceramic foot and handprints when they were babies! It's so nice placing some personal touches that included their fan art, baby pictures, their first piggy bank from tiffanys, and their books that we have read to them as babies (including some fashion books) and a handwritten note from one of their modeling companies - Guess! Above their armoire are more little animals that peep in the girls room that adorn the wall, plus a large size canvas of them in Paris!

Now lets talk about their closet! Everything is set up and displayed like a boutique in three different levels and of course it's color coordinated! It was very difficult to let go some of their clothes that they have outgrown but managed to organize everything! In that same area that is where their snow globe collection is located! Every time we travel the girls keep that little keepsake to remind them of the memories we created but the best part is that they love to shake them and watch their magic!

Since they are sharing a room why not create a mini master suite bathroom for them! Now they have their very own sink to use and in between they share a perfume and cream tray! Now their Stand up shower was designed with carrera marble and crystals with a polish chrome shower that has a handle and it's very functional for the girls because we can bring it down for their size! For now this will be their little sanctuary space until they become teenagers, well I assume!

Thank you for all your help Henry!


Bella and Chloe's mommy!

Designer: @henryjrdesigns

Nightstand: Horchow

Picture Frames: Mud Pie

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Bella and Chloe

The Royal Twins


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